FARAN ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY CO. has been active in the field of Electronics, Telecommunication and computer equipment since 1989. The name Faran is derived from the Hebrew name of Mount Jebel El Nour, where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) became a Prophet.

The main focus of Faran production is on UPS (uninterruptable power supply) and batteries. We are also supplying other Power Electronic equipment’s, such as Stabilizer and Inverter.
It should also be noted that the company has started and been active in solar energy field, Supplying, installing and operating Solar Power Plants since 2004 with European and Japanese equipment’s. the projects including Solar Power

Plants utilization & design. And so far we has successfully implemented over 15 cities and 50 solar powered projects.


In 1398 faran Electronic Industries has established a specialized technical and business school  “Faran Academy” in accordance with its 30 years of experience in serving its community and community service.

Having international visions

Becoming an internationally school that fosters growth, excellence and builds the future of the job market with its creativity, innovation and R&D, educates and enhances professionals for the future they will build


An internationally leading technical, engineering and management training institute with the aim of developing and training its audience included students, practitioners and all people who want to progress constantly with appropriate creativity, innovation and research and development, relying on 30 years of successful industry and Backed by the most well-equipped training space, including product lines and all the technical equipment needed, skilled human capital promotes growth, excellence and the future of the job market, and educates professionals for the future that they will build


Maintain the value, personality and status of the company’s customers as real assets

 Accept the customer feedback as a growth factor for the Academy

Privacy and Confidentiality

Collaborate with the best

Adherence to professional ethics

Customer satisfaction

Improving the quality of life